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Microsoft Project Server Automated Archive & Recovery

Fully automated solution for archiving and recovering your projects with associated SharePoint workspaces.

Improves system performance and end-user adoption of Project Server and SharePoint. Experience the complete project lifecycle.

Admin & self-service.


SharePoint Ribbon Designer

Improve SharePoint navigation & end-user adoption. Reduce number of clicks to access key sites, libraries, lists and documents.

User friendly web interface to create/ add SharePoint or Project Server Ribbon Tabs with custom button links to key entities.


No Coding Required!

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Microsoft Project Modeller / Versioning for What-if-Analysis

Drive change effectively by enabling users to save multiple what-if-analysis scenarios.

Save snapshots/ versions of projects to the server to analyse impact on overall program or portfolio.

Easily restore earlier version if needed. Be free to explore without Constraints!!


Project Server - SAP Integration

Automated import of Finance System Actual cost data into EPM at Project and Tasks level, mapped to Finance System Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

Automated export of EPM project forecast cost by Resource Type, timephased by Accounting Period and grouped by WBS.

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Automated Project Security Categorisation/ Manager

Automatically categorise projects based on custom attribute(s).

Manage highly sensitive or secure projects by automatically adding to ‘Firewall’ Category.

Automatically add to DENY category to hide projects from end-users. Also, used as ‘archiving’ process.

Reduce Administrative efforts.

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Reminders & Quick Actions for Project Server

Manage ad-hoc project activities/reminders centrally without the need to using disparate systems.

Single click action to Add, View or update (track) Reminders, Project Risks and Issues quickly from PWA Project Centre or Project Schedule Page or directly from Project Professional.

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Microsoft Project Hub

Don’t  have Project Server?

Use Project Hub to publish Microsoft Project plans to a central database for consolidated timephased reporting across all projects planned using Microsoft Project Standard.  

Slice & dice timephased project and Resource data by attributes using Excel.

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SharePoint Work Request Integration with Project Server

Manage all work requests centrally within SharePoint, including Ideas, BAU, queries, work packages, projects etc.

Automatically create projects in Project Server on approval within SharePoint.

Reduce the clutter of Project Plans/Schedules and focus on.  

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Dynamic InfoPath Form Integration for Project Server

Use rich/smart forms to capture project data.

Use this solution framework to embed your InfoPath forms to any Project Detail Page (PDP) and associate to appropriate Workflow Stages.

Synchronise InfoPath form fields to Project Server custom fields.

Simple and easy to use!!

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Resource Rate Replicator based on Skill/Generic Resource

Want to save Time & Effort setting Resource Rates Tables en-mass?

Automatically update/replicate Enterprise Resource Rate structures en-mass, based on a single Skill or Generic Rate structure.

Reduce administrative efforts in maintaining individual resource rate tables.

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EPM2Excel - Microsoft Excel Integration with Project Server

Use the power of Microsoft Excel to Capture/ Manage additional Project Data e.g. initial budget, BOM, Cost Benefit Analysis, expenses, Actions List.

Use this solution framework to embed Excel to any Project Detail Page (PDP). Synchronise values of selected Excel cells to Project Server fields.  

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FREE Tools/Utilities

1) Un-publish Completed Project Tasks

2) Project Workspace Schedule/Plan Link

3) Email Link to List Item

4) Publish Multiple Projects from PWA

5) Set Assignment Cost rate to Project Rate  

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Condition based Smart Alerts and Notifications

Want automated condition based smart alerts to better manage critical projects, Tasks, milestones and resource allocation?

Self subscribe and control how and when you want to be notified.

Proactively manage by exception with this automated Service to notify users based on criteria specified.

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Auto Save Project Snapshots to SharePoint

Want to enhance EPM Project Progress tracking capability?

Automatically save live EPM Project snapshots to SharePoint for tracking progress and What-if-Analysis.

Compare project performance overtime for example monthly forecasts.

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Synch Project Server Data to SharePoint List/Library

Want to expose key project data to SharePoint list/library shared by others?  

Map project server fields to SharePoint columns.

Tag projects whose data is to be exposed to SharePoint.

Synchronise Project data to multiple SharePoint Locations.

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Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server Packaged Solutions / Applications


 Of Packaged Solutions

  • Reduce cost of Development
  • Faster deployment
  • Free Support & Maintenance
  • No Running Costs!!

Automate some of the Microsoft Project Server (EPM/PPM) and SharePoint business processes to get the most out of your existing investments. Enhance system performance, capability and improve end-user adoption by extending out-of-box software with our fully packaged Add-on solutions.

All packaged solutions include free basic technical support and maintenance.

Get more done, faster!! Work Smarter not harder!!

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Microsoft Project Server Apps

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